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Maryland casino apps

To be prepared when online casinos are permitted to operate in Maryland, we’ve compiled a list of what we expect the best Maryland casino apps might be, as well as important things to know about using these applications and why you should avoid using offshore operators.

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Online casino gaming isn’t yet legal in Maryland, but the issue could be on the ballot in 2026. A recent poll run by MDBetting.com shows more than 75% of Maryland voters would vote in favor of approving online casino apps in Maryland.

With this backdrop of potential legislative reform, residents are excited about the possibility of online casinos and their respective apps landing, bringing yet more fun to the iGaming industry in the state.

Best Maryland casino apps

Online casinos aren’t yet legal in Maryland, but once that status changes, we expect these to be among the best Maryland casino apps.

🎰 Caesars Palace Casino App MD ⭐ Generous welcome bonuses
🎰 BetMGM Casino App MD ⭐ Top-tier rewards program
🎰 DraftKings Casino App MD ⭐ High-quality live dealer games
🎰 BetRivers Casino App MD ⭐ Comprehensive casino offerings
🎰 FanDuel Casino App MD ⭐ Wide variety of online slots

Caesars Palace Online Casino

Caesars Palace Online Casino app Maryland

Caesars’ online casino platform is known for offering generous welcome bonuses, often resulting in higher maximum bonus amounts than what competitors choose to offer. The customer service is first-rate, and the app boasts more than 750 slot titles. Caesars launched its app in New Jersey in 2013.

BetMGM Casino Maryland Logo

BetMGM Casino app Maryland

Already a casino giant, BetMGM’s app frequently rotates through its game titles to keep games new and seasonally-themed at times. The rewards program is also one of the best in the industry, with tier credits towards betting perks, entertainment tickets, travel and hotel discounts, and more available with every dollar wagered through the platform.

DraftKings Casino Maryland Logo

DraftKings Casino app Maryland

DraftKings is somewhat new to the casino space having started as a daily fantasy sports (DFS) operator. The casino currently operates in Connecticut, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. You’ll find the casino app to have a high-quality array of live dealer games on the platform as well as team-themed slots (games named for the Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles are highly likely).

BetRivers Logo

BetRivers Casino app Maryland

Founded at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, BetRivers was known for its casino products before expanding to offer online sports betting. The casino features all the casino staples like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, but you’ll also find an ample array of Slingo variations.

FanDuel Casino Logo

FanDuel Casino app Maryland

FanDuel is the top sports betting operator in Maryland by total betting handle, and its casino platform is similarly impressive. You’ll find many poker and blackjack variants as well as top online slots titles from iGaming titans like Microgaming, Play’N’Go, NetEnt, and Playtech. The app launched in 2020.

No, real-money casino apps are not legal in Maryland. These casino apps are considered a form of online casino gambling and as such, they are still prohibited under state law. However, with the successful rollout of online sports betting in Maryland, there is a chance for more legislative expansion to accommodate such gambling applications.

While it may still be some time before you can play for money at an online casino app, there are social casinos (sometimes called sweepstakes casinos) that allow users to play casino games without cash winnings. These social casinos are legal in Maryland, Washington D.C., and every U.S. state except Washington.

How will you be able to sign up for a casino app in Maryland?

After Maryland online casinos are permitted to launch their apps, you will be able to sign up for a casino app by following these steps.

  1. Look for a bonus code or referral link: MDBetting.com will list the Maryland online casino bonuses for all licensed casino apps on our pages once they are accessible. You will be able to use those links on your mobile device to access the top available offers and look to start your online gambling journey on a profitable note.
  2. Decide where to play: In the same way that you aren’t limited to using only one Maryland sports betting app, you won’t be required to play at only one casino site. You’re free to download multiple apps to find what games and experiences you’re interested in, but for the sake of these instructions, we’ll lay it out as though you’re only downloading one.
  3. Download the casino app: You should be able to use the links from our casino review pages to open the app in your device’s app store. However, if you are unable to do so, you can search the casino’s name within the store and locate the correct version. Casino apps are seldom state-specific, so you may not need to find a Maryland-only app.
  4. Open the app and create your account: Once the download is complete, you’ll be able to open the app and access the registration form. From there, complete the signup with your personal information, including your legal name, birthdate, home address (P.O. boxes won’t be accepted), and the last four digits of your social security number. This information will be required by Maryland law to confirm your identity and legal ability to gamble.
  5. Log into your account, make a deposit, and start playing: Finally, with your registration submitted, you’ll be able to log in and use your preferred payment method to finance your online casino account. Be sure the amount you deposit qualifies you for a welcome bonus, and know that signup offer requirements will be different from casino to casino. If you’re unsure, you can always check MDBetting.com for the latest bonus info.

One of the great advantages of a casino app compared to a brick-and-mortar casino is that casino apps don’t have the same physical space limitations and can offer many more games as a result. Here are some of the most popular games you will be able to play at casino apps in Maryland once online casinos are permitted in the state.

  • Blackjack: One of the most popular table games at casino apps is Blackjack, where players try to make a better hand than the dealer without going over a card value of 21. All face cards have a value of 10, and aces can be worth 1 or 11. Remember to work as a table to beat the dealer, as you aren’t playing against others who may be at the blackjack table.
  • Poker: Whether you’re in the mood for video poker or a live dealer game, you’ll likely be able to find it at a casino app, in addition to Maryland poker sites. Texas Hold’em and Omaha variants tend to account for the majority of titles, but you may also find other options like Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, or Aces and Eights.
  • Slots: Slots will likely account for the majority of games on a casino app, in some cases more than doubling the combined total of all other games on the platform. With varying stake sizes, themes, and number of reels to choose from, you’re virtually guaranteed to find something you enjoy!

Pros and cons of mobile casino apps vs. desktop casino sites in Maryland

Whether you plan to play online casino games through mobile casino apps or desktop casino sites, you’ll notice advantages and drawbacks to both options. Here are some of the key pros and cons to consider in favor of mobile casino apps.


  • Mobile apps have more flexibility: Lugging around a desktop computer to play at an online casino just isn’t practical. Being able to play anywhere on the go from your mobile device is far more feasible, and using the app on a mobile device tends to work better than playing from a browser.
  • Notifications: Updates about the games you’re playing, bonuses that are available, and new title releases can be turned on or off as needed.
  • Personalization: Mobile apps tend to have more customizable features than their website counterparts.


  • The mobile app can sap your battery: Playing through the casino app on your mobile device tends to drain your device’s battery faster than other apps. This is because in addition to running the casino game and using your data, the app is also running geolocation software to confirm you are within state borders.
  • Smaller display: The smaller display on a mobile device can be off-putting for some players even as app customizability can make the display larger. Sometimes, that just isn’t enough.
  • Updates: Updating the mobile app can be an annoyance, and if you don’t have the latest version of the app installed, you may not be able to play the games you want. Using the website version of the online casino will always ensure you’re using the most up-to-date platform.

Why you should avoid offshore casino apps targeting MD users

There are a multitude of reasons why you should avoid offshore casino apps targeting MD users. Here are a few of the most important reasons.

  • Offshore casinos aren’t legal: Offshore casino apps operate outside the legal jurisdiction of Maryland or the U.S. governing bodies, so they do not need to abide by the same laws and regulations as legal, licensed casino apps.
  • Offshore casino apps put your info at risk: Because they aren’t held to the same cybersecurity standards, offshore casino apps are somewhat of a “Wild West” when it comes to protecting your personal and financial information. These apps tend to be a prime target for hackers and data thieves.
  • Offshore apps frequently engage in sketchy practices: It’s not at all uncommon for offshore betting sites to have “issues” with payments going through which can cause you to have winning casino plays voided. They are also under no legal obligation to honor any bonuses offered at the site or to ensure games have a reasonable return-to-player rate.

Expected payment methods at online casino apps in Maryland

Once online casino apps are legalized in Maryland, we expect these payment methods to be available to players.

  • Debit cards: While credit cards are less likely given that they represent money that isn’t physically available in your bank account, debit cards are far likelier since they take the funds directly from your financial institution.
  • Online banking: Linking your bank account directly to the online casino app typically results in faster withdrawal times since the money doesn’t need to go through another third-party platform before arriving at your bank. It is completely safe, and the casino app will never move money into or out of your account without your prior authorization.
  • PayPal: If you aren’t as comfortable with the casino having access to your debit card or bank account, using a third-party processor like PayPal, Venmo, Skrill, Google Pay, or Apple Pay could be a reasonable option. Of these other services, PayPal is the most widely accepted payment method at gambling sites.


Where will I be able to download Maryland casino apps from?

Once online casino gambling is legal in the state, you will be able to download Maryland casino apps from both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

Will casino apps be regulated in Maryland?

Yes, casino apps in Maryland will be regulated by the state’s Lottery and Gaming Control Agency. You should only plan to use legal, licensed operators when playing with real-money casino apps. A full list of such apps will be available at MDBetting.com once online casino gambling is legalized and launched.

Will every online casino in Maryland have a mobile app?

While we can’t say for certain whether every online casino will have a mobile app, we can say it is likely that most casinos will. Apps make online casinos more accessible than on a computer and more convenient than traveling to a brick-and-mortar location. The added convenience factor would mean greater revenue potential, so it is in the casino’s best interest to provide a mobile app.

Can I play at sweepstakes casino apps in Maryland legally?

Yes, you can legally play at sweepstakes casino apps in Maryland. Sweepstakes casinos (also called “social casinos”) are legal in every state (including DC) except Washington. They do not have cash requirements to be able to play, providing more of an entertainment experience rather than earning potential; however, some sweepstakes casinos will offer virtual tokens for winning, and these tokens can later be used in exchange for prizes.