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MLB Betting in Maryland

In this guide to MLB betting in Maryland, we’ll analyze the best sportsbooks for baseball wagers, detail how to get registered at a sportsbook, explain how to read the odds, and offer some expert advice before you place your first bet. Let’s get into it!

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Best MLB sportsbook promos in Maryland

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New Maryland sportsbook
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Best Maryland betting apps for MLB betting

Every bettor will have a different definition of what constitutes the “best” Maryland betting app for MLB betting, but there are still some key advantages all players can agree on. We’ve ranked these Maryland betting apps as the best options for their availability of MLB-specific bonuses, variety of MLB markets, and the platform’s overall reliability (especially its online performance).

DraftKings Maryland Logo


DraftKings is well-renowned for its daily fantasy sports (DFS) options and is regularly one of the top two sportsbook options regardless of the market where it operates.

FanDuel Maryland Logo


FanDuel is most popular for the same game parlays (SGPs) available on the site. Traditional parlays required wagers from different games, but FanDuel has expanded its SGP selection to be among the largest available anywhere.

BetMGM Maryland Logo


BetMGM is one of three official betting partners of Major League Baseball, along with DraftKings and FanDuel. The retail location and sportsbook lounge at MGM National Harbor is also an excellent spot to take in a game and watch your wagers play out.

SuperBook Maryland Logo


SuperBook rounds out our list for the frequency with which it offers more player-friendly odds than the other operators on this list. It is also the official betting partner of the Baltimore Orioles.

How to bet on the MLB online in Maryland

Regardless of which sportsbook you choose to use, the process for betting on the MLB online in Maryland will look roughly the same. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

  1. Decide where to play: You can register for as many Maryland sportsbooks as you would like, and we encourage you to test them all to find your favorites. With multiple signups, you can shop the odds to find better lines, putting more money in your pocket. You can also unlock generous signup bonuses which can help enhance your winnings or mitigate your losses.
  2. Register your account(s): Once you know where you would like to place your bets, you’ll need so sign up for the sportsbook account. Our website lists all legal, licensed Maryland operators, so you can be sure your information is safe and secure if you’re using one of the operators we’ve reviewed (and if you don’t see a sportsbook on our site, stay away!).
  3. Make a deposit: Next, you’ll be prompted to make a real-money deposit into your account. Make sure whatever you deposit is within your means and also qualifies you for a welcome bonus, as some offers may have deposit requirements to qualify and/or maximize your offer.
  4. Research your bet: The only “wrong” way to bet is to place an uninformed wager. Studying game trends, recent performances, injury reports, weather data, and any other data you can get your hands on will all help to make your bets more profitable.
  5. Place your wager and hope for a win: Finally, once you've registered and researched, you can make your bet(s) and hope for a payday! As a reminder, check to ensure the wager you’re placing is eligible for your signup bonus, if applicable.

What bet types are there for MLB wagering in Maryland?

Bookmakers will offer a variety of gambling markets, ranging from a single inning to a season-long wager. Here are some of the most popular bet types for MLB wagering in Maryland.

  • Moneyline bets: Moneyline bets are wagers on what team you think will win the game. It doesn’t matter if the game ends in extra innings or is ruled a final on account of rain. As long as the team you picked is ahead at the end of the game, your moneyline bet will cash.
  • Over/unders: Also called “totals” bets, over/unders are wagers on the combined run totals between the two teams. For example, if the Orioles were playing the Toronto Blue Jays, a sportsbook may set an over/under of 8.5 runs. You must then decide whether you think Toronto and Baltimore will combine to score nine or more runs (regardless of the final score or who wins) or if the strong pitching performances will lead to a lower-scoring game.
  • Props: Props bets make up the bulk of same game parlay markets, as they offer loads of outcomes that aren’t necessarily tied to the final score. For example, they could include wagers on which player will hit the first home run, whether Kyle Bradish will finish with more or less than 6.5 strikeouts, and the result of Adley Rutschman’s first plate appearance. You can place a prop bet as a standalone wager or as part of a parlay.

How to read MLB odds

Reading MLB odds is often one of the most intimidating aspects of getting into betting. Fortunately, we’re here to clear up the confusion.

The first step to reading the odds is to understand which outcome is the betting favorite and which is the underdog. The favorite will have a “-” symbol next to their lines while the underdog will have a “+” sign. In some instances (and especially for totals bets) it’s possible to see both outcome have a “-” next to their odds; in that case, the outcome with the higher number after the “-” is the favorite.

After that, look at the number next to the symbol and think in factors of 100. For a “-” symbol, the number after is how many dollars you would have to wager to win $100. As an example, a moneyline bet on the Orioles could read as “Baltimore Orioles -160;” in that case, you would need to bet $160 to win $100.

Alternately, the number after the “+” symbol is how much money you would win on a $100 wager. If the line read “Baltimore Orioles +160,” you would need to bet $100 to win $160.

You don’t have to bet $100 when placing your wagers unless you want to and are financially comfortable doing so. Betting other amounts will have your winnings scale proportionally to the amount of your stake.

Expert advice when wagering on the MLB

We asked our experts for their best pieces of advice when wagering on the MLB. Here are the top tips and tricks they had for us.

  • Diversify your markets: Getting more comfortable placing wagers in more markets than just a moneyline selection or an over/under will help you learn to keep an eye out for hidden betting value. If one sportsbook consistently has better odds on its strikeout props but another has more profitability for base hit lines, you can recognize the patterns and make smarter wagers. This also helps to keep your wagering strategies fresh and entertaining.
  • Look for promos, even after signing up: Betting promos are a great way to maximize your profit potential, and they can also help to offset losses you may incur. While the most lucrative bonuses may only be available to new players, promotions like odds boosts, bonus bets, and payout boosts will often be available for returning players, especially if the sportsbook you’re using has a dedicated loyalty program.
  • Shop the odds: Sportsbook operators may have slight differences in the lines they post, and these subtleties are an opportunity to pounce. For example, say you’re planning to place a $20 wager on Trey Mancini to hit a home run. Sportsbook A may have his line at +200 while Sportsbook B may have the line at +300. Betting with Sportsbook B will get you an extra $20 in profit if Mancini goes yard. Even small differences can translate to large gains over time.


Is betting on the MLB legal in Maryland?

Yes, betting on the MLB is legal in Maryland. Sports betting in Maryland was legalized in 2021, with online sportsbooks launching in 2022. You can bet on the MLB through these sportsbooks.

Is MLB betting safe in Maryland?

Yes, MLB betting is safe in Maryland. If you choose a licensed online sportsbook in Maryland, your money is safe.